We invest in deep-value agricultural land that allow us to expand margin and deliver climate resilience via our proprietary protocol, Regenerative Rewilding.

  • Traditional agricultural paradigms have stripped the U.S. farming industry of profitability and driven dependence on subsidies, all while degrading 96% of Great Plains soils.
  • De-Risk: Rather than the agriculture industry standard of cash flow hopping, we drive bottom line results that deliver long-term business health.
  • Land: We buy deep-value land, where we can add value both ecologically and economically, versus the agriculture industry standard of paying a premium for synthetically-reliant yields.
  • Assets: We only buy operational assets where we can expand margin and add value at the operational level, via our proprietary protocol, Regenerative Rewilding.
  • Operations: We leverage the innate survivability of wild herds to decrease human interference that drives costs up.

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