Connecting with the divine in nature

Heart Seeds will manage the operations of eco-spirituality retreat centers, designed to deepen guests’ connection with the divine in nature and awaken their souls’ purpose.

The gift of retreat:

Heart Seeds gives the gift of retreat and personal growth. There is no cost to attend.

Our guests experience the role of regenerative ecology and food systems on human health and innate immunity, and discover environmentally-friendly ways to live their lives in harmony with nature.

Guests receive the gifts of inspiration, education and transformation, departing at the end of their stay with the tools and techniques to make heart-centered decisions in alignment with mind-focused tasks a daily practice.

Heart-centered individuals are better equipped to make crucial investment and life decisions coming from a healed place. Heart Seeds eco-spirituality retreats inspire actions that are more in line with individual, community and global peace and well-being.

Heart Seeds Eco-Spirituality Retreat Centers


Heart Seeds is seeking funding to operate two homebase locations: The Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the Swiss Alps of Switzerland.


Luxury wilderness accommodations in comfortable and rejuvenating private dwellings within a supportive and connected community atmosphere.

Each of the 10 retreat accommodations are designed to provide 448 sq ft of private space supportive of personal growth. Shelters sit peacefully under the nurturing canopy of old growth forest, caressed by rejuvenating springs and nestled in the protective and healing arms of the ancient mountains.

Mountainside kitchen and dining, bathhouse and meditation facilities are shared community gathering spaces. For at the core of community is the birth of belonging. Community transcends locality. Community is shared global energy and intention.

Heart Seeds’ Locations will provide immersive, transformational learning experiences for individuals and organizations to deeply connect with their true purpose on this planet. Experiencing living within a regenerative forest will encourage participation and integration with the healing powers of nature. The tailor-made retreat journeys will include workshops, seminars, and events with international speakers & facilitators from diverse fields – with the intention of illuminating the positive impact guests can achieve for themselves, our society, and the environment by investing wealth in a responsible and sustainable way.


• Educational experiences combining ancient wisdoms with frontier technologies to learn complete self-reliance and regenerative living
• Exploration of hyper-local farming techniques and how to eliminate reliance on global food distribution models
• Workshops in organic food production, edible landscape development, and wild foraging


• Special cultural and spiritual programs given by visiting revered saints, acclaimed musicians, spiritual and social leaders and others
• Morning universal prayers, daily yoga and meditation classes for people from all ages, beliefs and backgrounds to unify minds and heal divided hearts
• Meditation instruction and teachings drawn from a wide variety of Buddhist practices of Insight (Vipassana), Loving-kindness (Metta) and Zen meditation


• Comfortable and inspirational settings to share ideas and evaluate opportunities that create a social impact beyond a financial return
• Coaching to next gen members of family o!ces to help them integrate impact investments and philanthropy into their portfolios, with a focus on human health and planet health
• Collaborative sessions with CEOs of emerging and established companies who seek to create even greater impact and a spirited company culture
• Evaluation of opportunities for impact-driven ventures in emerging technologies
• Activities with specialists for personal development and coaching to help the changemakers of today be as impactful as the planet and society need them to be